About Us


All Things Dough was born during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Like many others, me and my family made some life changing decisions during this time.

We decided to move back to Portugal after living 12 years in London.

It was hard to put my stable nursing career on hold.

Back here I had a long wait before all my paperwork was in order so I could be considered a nurse by portuguese standards (not easy if you've studied at King's College). In the meantime I started baking at home.

I chose to bake cinnamon buns because I couldn't find them in Lagos. I knocked on some doors and a few coffee shops liked my products and decided to sell them.

As I still had so much time in my hands, I decided to start baking sourdough again.

I had learned about sourdough in 2008, in London. It fascinated me. It was a never ending challenge. So much science involved, perfect match to my background.

With the help of my sister my Instagram got better and the word spread about my bread.

My goal is to improve the results at every bake, never stop learning and come up with delicious products that you can enjoy. Always vegan.


I spoke to Emma from The Algarve on a Bike a bit more about my story. If you want more gossip here's the link: